Why Choose OTG

No Contracts, Ever

Our service is free to use and we’ll never surprise you with hidden fees

No Minimum Orders

We decorate and ship each order individually so you're not stuck buying more than you need or have excess inventory.

Shop Year Round

Stores never close so you can shop and fundraise 24/7 - 365 days a year.

Quick Turnaround

All gear shipped in 2 weeks or less directly to your home - some in as little as 5 business days.

No-Hassle Returns

Items in our MVP program qualify for no-hassle returns and ship faster.

Customise Your Store

Add your organisations logos, colours and more.. Make the store like it’s your dream website.

How it works

A Customized E-Commerce Experience
Let parents, players, and fans shop from online stores for all their custom uniform, team gear, and spirit-wear needs.

Organize multiple team stores under one dedicated URL so your community can shop from any store, any time.

Connect your apparel solution directly to your website, team page, or athletic department site. Stores are always open so your community can shop year-round.

The value of OTG Webstores

Convenience: Reduce the time it takes to select, order and deliver custom apparel from one central dashboard

Speed: Outfit your team or organization in as fast as 5 business days

Quality: Ensure your apparel is decorated with the highest quality designs, colors and logos – every time

Fantastic Service & Quick Delivery

You can create and customize an apparel solution for your unique school, league, or organization. Orders ship in one-five weeks (Depending on product selection) or less directly to your athletes, staff or bulk to you. We'll even send email reminders for when your goods are being shipped!

Reduce Time, Maximise Returns!

Your Account Manager will work with you on the best designs and items that fits your budget, what fabrics and features are important to your organisation and how to maximise your commission or fundraising dollars through your solution!

We'll show you how to handle the setup and also provide you with training to make updates on the fly from the comfort of your office or on the sidelines – where ever you are!

Maintain Brand Consistency & Collaborate

Take back control of your organization's brand without losing what makes each team unique. Approve logos and colors to ensure brand consistency across all teams. You can even invite coaches and captains to collaborate during the setup process to select merchandise each team is proud to wear.

Need help getting setup

  • How long does it take to setup my store?

    • 5-10 Minutes. We focus on making the product design and web experience really easy. We recommend you allow yourself 5-10 minutes to create your first products, edit them and publish your store! But hey - 30 minutes will only help you add more products, and make more profit!

  • How do I get paid my commission?

    • 7-14 Days after the store closes. When you close your store, our system will automatically produce reports. Our assurance team will then review & validate the transactions to ensure they are in line with our standards and from there will issue you a payment to your bank account or PayPal, that you will enter in the store setup section. You will be emailed a remittance of your commissions as well, and you will also be able to access previous payouts in your account.

  • Can I design and sell any product?

    • All OTG products are available to design and sell on your store. We are adding new products and new designs often, and also adding new features, but we always want feedback – so don’t be shy in sharing ideas to our team.

  • How do I turn my store on and off?

    • When you register and go to the build your store page, you will notice a calendar – here is where you place the date you want receive your products and we’ll let you know the latest date that your store can close. Any date prior to then your store can close.

  • How do I market my store to my contacts?

    • Once you’ve built your store, you will have your own domain name! (Cool right?) from there you can share this out via email & social channels, using the store dashboard or sharing directly yourself. Your contacts will only see the store you’ve built.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    • Yes – we ship anywhere in the world. We do not ship to PO Boxes.

  • For my customers, how long will it take for them to receive their order?

    • On the product details you will see when the order ships (In the customer view). It is calculated from the time when your store will close. Please note, we consolidate your order once your store closes, then we make your stores products, and we ship them to your customer. The delivery time are different per product but are from; 5-7 Days for the “Need it Now” range. 4-5 weeks for the “Bespoke” range.

What our customers are saying

  • Annabelle

    Dealing with the team at OTG was terrific throughout the whole process. Specifically Brett at the Melbourne office was fantastic, as he walked me through the whole process of developing and ordering our product and was very prompt with correspondence. The final product has exceeded our expectations, and I'm sure we will be ordering more with OTG in the future.

  • Marketa

    Thank you to the OTG team for processing our order so quickly. Our T-shirts arrived yesterday and they look great. A special thanks to Nhanie for keeping us updated and making sure our order will be delivered on time. Excellent Customer Support!

  • Katie

    Our shirts were required on a tight deadline. After a few complications with the initial order process, OTG came through and delivered with time to spare for our event. A big thank you to Nhanie who went above and beyond and always kept me in the loop throughout this process. Very much appreciated and the shirts look great!!